Jane Walters

I often refer to the women from WoManly as my Biz Besties. That’s because this is so much more than just a run-of-the-mill networking group. The women in this group are diverse, interesting, supportive and fun. I never feel like I am just another business lead, instead, it’s a warm group of women in a range of businesses at a range of stages, working to help each other succeed.

Jane Walters Financial

Jane Walters Financial

Financial Coach

Mel Wood

When I first started my business over 2 years ago, I found it really hard to join networking groups that created a supportive space, where you could simply be yourself. I searched high and low, but it wasn’t until I joined WoManly that I started to actually feel part of something. The women in this community are so talented, diverse and also very nurturing. Women who genuinely care about each other and are always offering support and guidance. I’ve seen my business grow into something so different from when I started and I could not have done this without the help of WoManly members. I’ve formed special bonds with some of these ladies, which I know will remain in years to come.

Time to Exhale

Time to Exhale

Reiki Master

Nicole Torrance

WoManly is a bunch of fun, inspiring business women with who I love to hang out, learn from and share experiences. As small business owners we are often so focused on our clients that it is easy to deprioritise time for ‘me’ to think about and work on my business and WoManly gives me much needed space to do this. The diversity of experience and industries represented amongst this group continues to expand and the warm, welcoming environment filled with like-minded (though very different!) individuals gives me a shot of energy to get on with my day feeling lighter.



Leadership & Performance Coach

Lynda Dyer

What a wonderful group of like-minded, talented, collaborative and caring women in a relaxed and fun environment. It's like we are one, and yet we are many, all wanting for each other what we want for ourselves. I have enjoyed this group from the moment I joined. The energy of "what more can I do for you" is refreshing and wonderfully received.

Mind Power Global

Mind Power Global

Coach - Trainer - Author

Alex Vanags

Starting my own business was a steep learning curve for me. A few months in, I realised I was lacking the network I'd had as an employee and needed to find it elsewhere. That's how I came across WoManly. I was nervous when I showed up at my first meeting, but everyone was so welcoming`and showed a genuine interest in me and my business. They're a talented group of ladies and have a lot to offer.

Alexandra Vanags

Alexandra Vanags

Writer & Editor

Nicky Kingston-Davies

I find WoManly provides a supportive, warm environment to meet like-minded women. There is a great diversity of age, experience and expertise which keeps it always informative, fun and empowering. Love that it has two events with different timings, Brekkie and Morning Tea, so being a busy mum I can still reap the benefits of this community.

NKD Coaching

NKD Coaching

Accountability & Mindset Coach


WoManly is a connecting, collaborating,

women's community established in 2013. 

WoManly Community PTY LTD

ACN: 615 205 313



We meet at:

Havana Beach

14 S South Steyne 

Manly 2095

Jane Walters Financial

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