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6 fresh sources of blog ideas for business owners

By Alexandra Vanags

Coming up with consistent flow of story ideas for your blog can be a challenge. Try a few of these to spark inspiration and keep providing meaningful insights to your readers.

Get those ideas down on paper

So, you’ve launched or are about to launch a blog. Well done!

Writing a blog can be very beneficial to your business, showcasing your expertise and providing useful information to engage your target audience of clients and potential clients. However, maintaining a constant source of ideas to keep your blog going long-term can be a challenge.

Here are a few ideas which might get the story ideas flowing.

1. Answer all those questions

So, you’re at a BBQ and chatting to someone about your work. What are some of the questions you get asked?

Or, you meet a potential new client at a networking event. What do they most want to know?

Questions from contacts, family and friends are a great source of blog topics. Not least because they’re based around what people want to know, therefore are likely to have appeal to your clients.

2. Address any misconceptions

Have you ever had someone make an incorrect assumption about your business? Is there something everyone gets wrong all the time?

Why not write a blog post explaining what the real deal is? What a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and offer your audience something they maybe didn’t know before.

3. Tap into current events

Spring has sprung and Christmas is around the corner. What does this mean for your business or industry? Do your clients or industry change at all during certain times of the year? Do you have any advice for people negotiating a particular time in the calendar?

Tapping into industry events is also a good way of ensuring a good flow of content ideas. Does your industry hold ‘awareness’ or ‘action’ days? What other events could be relevant to your business? Could you relate a sporting or other recreational event back to your business?

4. Pull out those anecdotes

Anecdotes can be a great source of stories. Think of something interesting or funny that’s happened in your business. Then, reflect on what lesson or insight comes from that anecdote in order to provide useful insight. From there, try turning this insight into a blog.

5. Use or other tools

If you are stuck for ideas, then try the website, which amalgamates queries that people have put into search engines. Just put in a key word or two about your business and off you go. You’ll get lots of results, but in there might be a gold nugget which can become a blog.

The best thing about this? You already know people have been searching for answers about that question and are therefore likely to find your blog useful.

Other ways to tap into questions or discussion topics in your industry include websites like Quora.

6. Interview someone

Is there someone you could interview who could provide their insights? They could be a colleague or a mentor, perhaps. Or, what about a young and upcoming person who can share their own perspective?

Another option is to interview a customer or client who can share their journey.

Alex Vanags has been a writer for more than 15 years. She started her career as a financial journalist in London and has since diversified into writing content for businesses, including blogs, newsletters, case studies and press releases. Alex believes that great content is not just about writing beautiful words, but telling great stories. Alex uses her journalism experience to find her clients' stories and tell them in ways that are interesting and engaging. Alex will tackle any topic, no matter how technical, and has written for clients in a wide range of industries including financial services and healthcare.


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